3M Takes on Extreme Work Environments

3M continues to amaze us with their products.  Their Post-it Extreme Notes take office supplies to the next level!

Water-proof and wind-proof.  Perfect for industrial work environments, job sites, and outdoor work like landscaping and home repairs.

While this sounds impressive, you might wonder about real world applications.

Check out this testimonial from Lift Bridge Brewing Company in Stillwater, Minnesota.  They’re in love with Extreme Notes and can’t wait to show you how they’ve improved their work environment.

Landscapers and contractors, these are an alternative to door-hangers. Leave a note right on the door!

Construction and engineering crews, these notes won’t blow away outdoors or be affected by damp weather.

Restaurant, brewery, and coffee shop employees, these notes won’t rip or smear when they get damp. Condensation is no problem for Extreme Notes.

We can personalize the wrap-around cover with your company information.  We just created some with our brand and we’re happy to give you a sample. Questions about usage, durability, or ordering?  Minuteman Press is here to help!