We met with a new customer about printed materials for their regular mailing project. They told us that they had always done the mailing preparation by hand and used their mail meter to get a postal discount of about $0.07 per piece.  We were excited to teach them that we add a barcode and additional sorting to the mailing and could save them about $0.20 per piece. Now an extra $0.13 might not sound like a lot of money until you realize they were mailing 7,000 pieces and it would equal an additional savings of $910.

Final result –  When all was done, the total postal savings was about $0.19 per piece or $1,330.  This savings was more than enough to cover our fee for mail processing, and our services saved the customer countless hours of tedious labor.

You have plenty of jobs to keep you busy…leave the inserting, sealing, addressing, and processing to us!