Think small…no, smaller…no, even smaller than that…now you’re in the mindset for microfolding.

Have you every purchased a product in a small package with a tiny instruction sheet tucked inside?  You’ve probably never wondered how those instruction sheets were made, but it’s through a process called “microfolding”. We have specific microfolding equipment in our bindery department to get the job done with precision.

We have printed and microfolded instruction sheets for machine shops and medical device manufacturers.  We have also used our microfolding equipment to produce informational “palm cards” for non-profit organizations.  This style of folding would also be useful for:

  • organizations providing a list of phone numbers and contact information for clients
  • retailers distributing a small menu or price list
  • medical offices that need to provide wallet-sized emergency instructions for patients
  • travel or tourism companies who want to provide a take-along guide or list of area attractions

If you have questions about microfolding or our other bindery services, please contact us!