EarthAs we prepare to celebrate Earth Day 2013, we are pleased to continue our dialogue with our friends and customers about becoming more environmentally aware.  If we all do our share, we can make a significant impact on improving our environment.   We are proud to share with you the following steps that we take to ensure we’re a “green” print provider:

  •  We have very little paper waste.  Like other manufacturers, we strive to eliminate all waste in our production process.
  • We run a chemical-free shop.  We employ the latest computer-to-plate technology for making printing plates.  This process doesn’t use any chemicals, and the metal plates we create are reusable when a customer reorders a job.
  • Each piece of equipment in our bindery department has a dedicated recycling bin to catch every piece of recyclable paper.  The majority of this paper is the trimmed edges of print jobs that are cut to size.  This paper is too small to reuse, so we recycle it weekly in our separate recycling dumpster.
  • We installed motion sensors on the lights throughout our new building.  We also use programmable thermostats that reduce our energy consumption during off-hours.
  • When we renovated our new building, we re-purposed cabinetry and flooring to reduce our impact on the landfill.
  • Each week, we spend hours on the road delivering print jobs to our customers throughout northern Connecticut and western Massachusetts.  We always arrange these deliveries to reduce the number of miles we drive and our carbon footprint.
  • We offer a large assortment of recycled papers, soy inks, and promotional products from recycled materials.  We also utilize e-mail instead of paper for many customer proofs.  We realize that we play a role in helping you make green decisions.
  • We plant a tree for every invoice, every month.  We partner with Trees for the Future, and we have planted more than 3000 trees so far.  The more printed material we create, the more trees we plant!

Let’s celebrate Earth Day together and remember that we can make a difference!