numbered mailboxesAt Minuteman Press, we have come across many advertising ideas, marketing campaigns, and “gimmicks”.

After working with our customers for almost 11 years, we maintain that direct mail is an incredibly effective way to reach a target audience.




One of the best values in direct mail is the ‘Every Door Direct Mail’ program from the US Postal Service.  With printing services from Minuteman Press and incredible postage value from the USPS, reaching your prospects with direct mail has become even more affordable.  The current postage rate of ‘Every Door Direct Mail’ is significantly less than even the bulk mail rate!

With the ‘Every Door Direct Mail’ program, you choose a neighborhood that you would like to target and your printed piece gets delivered to every address on that postal route.  You do not need to purchase a mailing list of names and addresses.  If you run a local business and you want everyone to know about your services, ‘Every Door Direct Mail’ is a great way to reach the people in your town.

At Minuteman Press, we can design a mailing that conveys your message and fits within the ‘Every Door Direct Mail’ guidelines.  See why so many of our customers use this program to reach their audience. We’ll help you get started!

Please contact us to learn more.   You can also visit the USPS site for additional information.