color waveWhen it comes to colors and images, what we see on our computer screens and what gets printed can vary drastically.  Here at Minuteman Press, we take important steps to provide the highest level of accuracy when printing your job on our digital printing presses.

Every morning, we calibrate our presses to ensure an exact recreation of our customers’ files. “Color calibrating” means putting the press through a series of tests and test prints.  Yawn…we know that this doesn’t seem like an exciting way to start the day, but this step is important!  These tests ensure that the color profile used for printing is the highest quality, and they prevent any color variations during a job.

During the calibration, a tool called a spectrophotometer is used to precisely match a standard set of pre-printed colors to the colors that the press produces.  We place the spectrophotometer over a color sample.  It uses a light and a diffraction gradient to separate a color into narrow wavelengths which then get measured and recorded by the press.  It’s the same tool a home store uses to match paint. The press analyzes these recordings and then adjusts its settings to match.  When you think about it, this is really advanced technology!

Regular color calibration is an important step in the professional printing process.  Using advanced equipment and the right tools, like our spectrophotometer, means that Minuteman Press will give you high-quality printing and accurate colors.  We are committed to helping your company look good.

If you have questions about printing, color, or image quality, please contact us any time.  We love to educate our customers, and we know that teaching you and working together will result in the best quality printing for your business!