We’re in it now.  Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday!  We hope that you’re excited for a feast with your family, favorite recipes, and a chance to create memories.

For many people, Thanksgiving weekend also signals the start of the holiday shopping season.  (Black Friday shoppers….you know who you are!)

For some people, the shopping season can turn frantic, expensive, and stressful.  We don’t think it needs to be this way. 

Here are some great ideas for simplifying the season.  Remember, it’s about being honest about what works for you…not keeping up with everyone else’s Facebook photos or tackling those infinite Pinterest ideas. 


How a lover of all things Christmas has learned to prioritize and save her sanity. 

Simple Lionheart Life

A great list of ideas for keeping the season simple, avoiding clutter, and living intentionally.   


It’s ok to say ‘no’ or to delegate tasks to others, especially if it helps you stay calm enough to enjoy the beauty of the season.  

While we don’t know what kind of sweater to get your grandma or what hot new toy your nephew wants, we can help you with business gifting.  Delegate that task to us and focus on your family!

We have gift ideas in every budget and in every quantity. The examples below are either consumable or practical, and they are thoughtful options if you’re trying to reduce clutter.

Custom candy and chocolate assortments to fit your tastes or colors.  Name brands like Godiva and M&Ms and snack foods are also available.   A cozy blanket will never go to waste.  We can tastefully embroider with your logo. This is the perfect winter gift! A thoughtful and useful gift for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate drinkers.  Even more special when you fill it with candy or cocoa packets!

We can also create online shops if you want to allow your employees to choose their gift.   Here are two online shops we created last month, one for a school for a fundraiser, and one for a medical practice for employee appreciation gifts.  You choose the styles, we create the online shop, and your employees make their choices.  We’ll deliver all completed orders (wrapped in plastic with a packing list) directly to your office.  Talk about simple!

We wish you the best this coming week of Thanksgiving!  We are so thankful to you for being our customers and followers.

Minuteman Press is committed to making your job easier so you can enjoy more of the holiday season!