We live in a profoundly visual culture. Evidence of that is seen in nearly every aspect of life, but nowhere is it more obvious than in the realm of marketing. Every year, more and more companies leverage window, wall, and building graphics to their advantage to promote their products and services. These compelling statistics demonstrate the power of visual advertising:

  • Since 2018, more than 85% of all communication is visual-based.
  • People form their first impression in about 50 milliseconds. 
  • Social media posts that include images generate 650 times more engagement than those with only text.
  • The average consumer’s attention span is 2-8 seconds.

You only have a moment to grab your customer’s attention and make a lasting impression. There are a number of creative, attractive, and practical ways you can do this with window, wall, and building graphics. 

Custom Window Graphics

There are several different uses for graphics on your exterior or interior windows: for privacy, to promote sales or your latest product, to inspire passersby with compelling art, photographs, or quotes that echo your brand image, or to creatively frame your physical window displays with eye-catching colors or designs. Practically speaking, you can use window graphics to display information such as store hours, directions to various departments, or to list your company’s social media accounts. Utilizing Instagram or Facebook to highlight your creative window graphics can bring twice the attention to both your online and brick-and-mortar presence!

Custom Wall Graphics

Wall graphics and murals serve similar purposes as window graphics, but they give you an opportunity to take creativity one step further because they are specifically aimed at those who are inside your building — your customers and your staff. Here you can target “insiders” with images and messages that will inspire them as they work or shop and give them the information they need. But you don’t need to limit your custom-printed graphics to serve only practical purposes — use them to add beauty and visual interest to your spaces. According to a Harvard University Project Zero study, art in the workplace enhances the work environment, fosters learning, promotes social interaction and connectivity, and elicits emotional responses — in short, custom-printed window, wall, or building graphics can powerfully affect how people experience your organization. The one-two punch of visual and experiential can leave an impression no words can match.

Custom Building Graphics

Creating a larger-than-life, building-sized mural is like a billboard in-residence within your community. It becomes part of the cityscape and a powerful neighborhood fixture. Your mural can do the work of a billboard — directly advertising your business — or it can pay homage to a local hero, highlight the work of a local artist, or share words of unity, peace, and inspiration by an esteemed author or activist. You can use your custom-printed building graphic to benefit and beautify your community while making your brand synonymous with goodwill. What’s better than that?

Whether you’re looking for custom-printed window, wall, or building graphics, (or even all three!) Minuteman Press of New England can take your design and turn it into a quality product that will set your business apart from your competition. Contact us for a quote — we have fast turnaround times, expert design help, and customer satisfaction that can’t be beaten anywhere else.