There’s something compelling about stickers. Do you remember how you felt when you earned one for a job well done as a child, or when you collected them to decorate your notebook, instrument case, or school locker as a teen? Even as an adult, you probably still wear an “I Voted” sticker on your shirt every Election Day, and maybe even have a few stickers on the back of your car. Whatever purpose they serve, stickers are fun, useful, and a fantastic way to promote your business. When you design creative, colorful, custom-printed stickers, they will undoubtedly command attention and make your business memorable.

Promotional Giveaways

Here are some popular ways to get your stickers (and your brand) out there for your target audience to enjoy:

  • At trade shows
  • At sponsored events
  • As a thank you gift with purchase
  • Inside business thank you or holiday cards
  • At your reception desk or front counter
  • As a thank you for filling out a survey
  • As a lead magnet for email subscription

Make sure your sticker has intrinsic value to its recipients so it won’t just be thrown away — your logo, graphic, or text should be well-designed, cool, and creative. Custom-printed stickers can be contour-cut in every shape imaginable, even with cutouts, if that’s part of your design. Take the time and energy needed to produce a quality product people will enjoy. Your sticker should look and feel like a little piece of art that begs to be displayed somewhere. 

Product and Packaging Labels

If your products or packaging need labels anyway, why not go with something beautiful or surprising? Besides your company logo, consider incorporating other elements that will make your label special, such as graphic embellishments, an inspirational quote, or your brand’s mission or vision statement. Going that extra step shows that you care about details and quality, and that your customers are worth the effort and a little extra expense. If you ship products that have paper or plastic packaging, sealing them with a custom-printed sticker will add a personal touch. Even better, include an extra one your customer can keep!

Vehicle Wraps

Did you know that vehicle wraps are just giant-sized, contour-cut vinyl stickers? Whether you want your company logo on the side doors or your entire vehicle wrapped in a colorful, eye-catching design, your company car can become a mobile billboard that advertises your business everywhere it goes, and even when it’s parked. Because it’s relatively inexpensive (usually between $1,000 – $4000) and lasts for multiple years, it can produce a higher ROI than just about any other type of visual advertising.

Floor or Wall Decals

Floor or wall decals can be as utilitarian as directional signs and promotional advertisements, or as creative as anything your imagination can conjure up. You can use custom-printed stickers as art for purely decorative purposes, for images and text that will inform, inspire, or make people laugh, or even for encouraging customers to take photos and share them on social media. It’s a great way to showcase your brand identity, your company culture, and your enthusiasm for what you do.

Cell Phone or Laptop Decals

Depending on your target market, larger contour-cut stickers may not be as desirable or cost-effective for you as tiny stickers. People of all ages use decals to decorate their phone cases, laptops, and desktop computers — just to name a few. Again, the cooler the design, the more attractive they’ll be, and the longer they’ll “stick around.” 

Minuteman Press of New England will turn your great design into custom-printed, contour-cut stickers of any size, shape, or application. Our printing experts will work with you to ensure you receive a quality product you’ll love and be proud to share with the world.