Those chilly mornings remind us that it’s time for backyard ice rinks!  In our family, Thanksgiving weekend is the time that we secure the boards into the ground.  Then when a hard freeze arrives, we’re ready to roll with the liner and water.  That backyard rink is a labor of love, but it also brings us countless hours of outdoor fun.

If you have a backyard rink, we can print vinyl graphics to customize your ice!  We can print team logos, family initials, or fun graphics.  Installation is easy once your ice has frozen.  We apply the graphics over the ice and then add a coat of ice to hold them in place.   If your rink is in total shade, the graphics won’t create solar melt (soft spots) when the sun heats them.  If your rink is in sun or partial shade, we can apply a layer of Solar Ice over the graphics to keep the surrounding ice cool and prevent solar melt.

We can also create and install graphics for larger indoor arenas.  We can add the logos for recreational and school teams for special events or for the full season.

If hockey is part of your world and you want to customize your ice, reach out and we’ll work with you to create a fun and personalized project.