It is always exciting for us to bring in new equipment.  We get to play with the latest and greatest features, and we see improvements in turn-time and quality.  It’s great for our customers and for us.

Last week, we brought in another Canon digital press.  We have been in love with their color production equipment, so we made the move to Canon for their black-and-white varioPRINT.


Doesn’t that look exciting to you?  Keep reading….

We were attracted to the minimal environmental impact of the varioPRINT.  This press actually recycles the heat it generates!  It takes heat from the paper leaving the press and uses it to preheat the paper coming into the press.  Amazing!  The press also runs cooler than competitive models.  It reduces energy consumption by more than 30%.

Canon made measurable steps toward reducing the environmental impact of this press.  The machine doesn’t have any ozone emission or chemicals.  It is built mostly from recycled steel and includes simplified parts (fewer parts to break and require replacement).

Yes, the press is award-winning.  It has great up-time and produces exceptional images.  They really pop off the page.  All of these factors influenced our decision to use Canon.  And with this new press, we are happy to make another step toward minimizing any impact on our planet.

Every business uses printing.  At Minuteman Press, we’ll help you use printing responsibly and with care for our environment.