“What Would You Say You Do Here?”

“What Would You Say You Do Here?”

Anyone else a fan of the movie Office Space? I thought of this quote recently when a friend confessed that she didn’t really know what our business provides. A printing company…what does that mean now days? I figured that other people must be wondering the same thing, so it’s time for a blog post review of our products and services. It’s been almost two decades since we started as a small commercial print shop with a printing press and a copier. How times have changed!

In broad terms, we create products that are customized with your words or logo.

Business Printing and Bindery

We work with offices in all industries, such as town government, schools, attorneys, medical offices and hospitals, engineering firms, manufacturers, and trucking companies.

We provide items such as business cards, envelopes, letterhead, brochures, flyers, newsletters, forms, labels, magnets, manuals, binders, wayfinding signs, and wall graphics. Anything to keep the office running smoothly!

Engineering Prints and Supplies

New England Blueprint is our department that specializes exclusively in products for architectural, engineering, and construction professionals (the AEC industry). We can print and bind your blueprints, provide rolls of paper and toner for your plotters, or sell you the plotters and scanners for your in-house work.

Equipment Sales

We sell, install, and service plotting equipment for engineering firms, architects, and town planning offices.

We are an authorized dealer for Epson, Canon, WideTek, and Leica. We carry printers, copiers, plotters, flatbed scanners, and 3D scanners. We will work with you to find the right equipment for your needs and your budget, whether you need a small office printer or the latest 3D technology.

Wide Format and Vinyl Printing

Our wide-format department produces banners, posters, A-frame signs, vinyl window graphics, vinyl wall graphics, and vehicle wraps. If you need to customize something larger than a piece of paper, this department is ready to roll. We’ve created attention-getting storefronts for new businesses, wrapped food trucks so they stand out, and printed massive banners that withstand the elements and are highly noticeable outdoors.

Branded Apparel

Here’s another great place to display your logo. We have hundreds of styles from name brands like Nike, Port Authority, Hanes, and The North Face. We can outfit your sales team, dress your work crew in heavy duty styles, or provide the latest on-trend looks. We provide branded apparel for medical offices, schools, sports teams, fundraisers, work crews in construction and maintenance, and office personnel.

Promotional Products

We can imprint your logo or message onto thousands of different promotional products. Mugs, pens, and hand sanitizer are popular office give-away items. Sunscreen, hats, and umbrellas are perfect for golf tournaments and summer events. We’ll help you find the perfect product for your project and your budget. We also offer many eco-friendly items made from sustainable products!

Mailing Services

Our complete mailing services help you reach your customers directly. Our equipment will print, fold, insert, seal, and address your letters or flyers. We also print eye-catching postcards. You can mail with our postal permit or your own, and we will ensure that your project reaches the post office on time. Our mailing services free up your time and using our postal permit can save you money, too!


At Minuteman Press, we provide several types of scanning services, If you need to make changes to a document but you don’t have the original file, our OCR scanning will help. We can also scan large format documents such as blueprints or fine art prints in sizes up to 42 inches wide and 16 feet long. Our flatbed scanners can accommodate mounted items and plaques up to 0.6 inches thick. We provide scanning services to many law offices and institutions looking to convert paper files into digital files. We ensure confidentiality during the scanning process.

Each work day at Minuteman Press is unique. Within our walls, you might find one staff member printing blueprints while another is cutting custom vinyl lettering, The next day, someone is printing full-color envelopes while someone else is preparing a mailing job. It’s hard to summarize what we do when it covers so many projects in so many industries. Whatever your printing or marketing needs are, know that our printing professionals are here to help. We take pride in our work and guarantee your satisfaction. We hope to work with you soon!

Windows 7 Support is Ending

Windows 7 Support is Ending

How This Decision Reaches into the Wide Format World

Microsoft officially announced that it will end Windows 7 support on January 14th, 2020. The operating system millions of users and businesses still rely on is about to reach its expiration date, or ‘end of life’. Much like old milk in the fridge, keeping it around can create problems. In Windows terms, this involves stability issues, compatibility issues, and dangerous exploits leaving your systems (and all connected devices) vulnerable to attack.

So how does this affect wide format printing and scanning? Let us explain. Even though you need to upgrade to Windows 10, many of your older devices just aren’t supported on the new operating system. This includes printers, scanners, and more. Businesses are being faced with the choice of upgrading to a safe and secure version of Windows, but having to buy new equipment… or keeping everything ‘as is’ and hoping it all holds together while increasing the risk of ransomware attacks every day.

If you have an older Canon printer or scanner, such as the CiC40 series scanners or M40 MFP series systems, you’re already confirmed by Canon to be in this boat. Additional models and brands are also likely affected. The time to make the leap to Windows10 is now. With that, you might want to check on  your software and hardware compatibility.

This is also a good time to assess your company’s needs. Take a look at your company growth plan. Where do you stand?  Do you want a comparable machine that has the same functionality, or is there an opportunity to increase your printing capabilities?  Are maintenance and down-time problems you have been having?  This is an opportunity to look for greater efficiency in your equipment. 

Need help making a decision? Contact the experts. Here at Minuteman Press, we are an authorized retailer for Epson & Canon printers, scanners and MFP (multi-function printer) systems, as well as WideTek scanners. Beyond that, we integrated New England Blueprint into our company. New England Blueprint has been specializing in engineering technologies since 1919. When it comes to large format printing and scanning, we’ve got you covered!

submitted by Brian Preston, our Wide Format Specialist