Tees for You and Me

Tees for You and Me

These t-shirts are helping local businesses. 

We created these t-shirts as a way to help during the COVID-19 crisis.  Order a t-shirt for $20 and we’ll use $10 of the proceeds to purchase gift cards at local restaurants.  When the COVID-19 restrictions are over, we’ll use the gift-cards as a fun give-away for our community. 



Restaurants win…

They’ll receive cash when we purchase gift cards with the funds raised through t-shirt sales.


We win…

We’re a small business too, and these t-shirt sales help us pay the bills and our employees.


You win…

You get soft t-shirts with a cool design AND you feel good about supporting local businesses. 

Bonus win if you win a gift card at the end, too!


Safe Ordering and Delivery

  • Order your t-shirts right from our website
  • Ask any questions by phone or email
  • Receive your t-shirts by mail or by curb-side pick-up


Why are gift-card purchases helpful to local businesses right now?

When you buy a gift card, you are giving immediate cash to a business.  Right now, small businesses need an influx of cash.  Sales have dropped, but they still have to pay rent, order supplies, and keep the lights on.  When COVID-19 has passed and businesses begin to see normal sales volumes, you can redeem your gift cards.  It’s a win-win…the business gets cash right now, and you get a great product/service at a later date.

NPR recently featured this idea, and it’s gaining traction around the country!

You can order your t-shirts through our online store.  Thank you for your support!

We are wishing all of our small business partners success through this unusual time!  If we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  We will do what we can to help you with unique challenges. 


On Board 2017

On Board 2017

Michael was pleased to attend the On Board Event at the Basketball Hall of Fame.  It is a great chance to meet with different non-profits in the area.

He is pictured with Jill Monson-Bishop of Inspired Marketing, Git Nahmens from Arrangit, Ryan Stelzer from Strategy of Mind, and Springfield City Councilor Attorney Mike Fentin from Shatz, Shwartz and Fentin, P.C.


Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea


Michael was pleased to attend Square One‘s 11th annual Tea Party on Thursday.  Supporters came together in their hats – some silly, some gorgeous – to enjoy afternoon tea and raise funds for Square One programming.

Square One works on the belief that early childhood education helps build a better community.  We couldn’t agree more!  Square One programs are designed to foster education and healthy development for young children and their families.   An overview of their programs can be found here.


Michael sporting his Red Sox cap alongside Jill Monson from Inspired Marketing.

Cinco K Mayo

Cinco K Mayo

The weather was cool and rainy, but hundreds of people were still excited to participate in the first annual Enfield Rotary Club Cinco K Mayo road race.   We were proud to support the race and raise additional funds for the Enfield Rotary Accessible Playground near the library.  Way to go Jen Kiner, Derek Meade, and the Rotary club for a successful event!

Feast in the East

Feast in the East

Michael attended the ACCGS Feast in the East.  Food was provided by many local restaurants including Pasquale’s Restaurant, Fazio’s Restaurant and Pizzeria, Frigo’s Foods, The Magic Spoon and Chez Josef.  Chez Josef won the Foodies of New England award for their cooking on Himalayan Salt Blocks.  While Pasquale’s Restaurant won the people’s choice award for their Chicken Francaise and Asparagus Cigar’s.

Michael is pictured above with Dave Smith of H.L. Dempsey.